Drawings from My Notebooks

It’s only recently that I came to understand why I drew throughout my career, and why I never doodled in any other setting.  There is no right or wrong in money management, it is just about making money, particularly for oneself and hopefully for one’s clients.  I detested this central aspect of the business, and went from job to job trying to find a place where there was something more to it than the money.    Despite the occasional glimmer, it always came back to money.   As the meetings ebbed and flowed, I found consistent solace in my notebooks.

Scratchpad #1 (1999)

What were the countless meetings all about?  As you’ll see they covered all kinds of subjects: strategy, reorganizations, acquisitions and marketing.  However, the essence of these gatherings and the essence of money management is the central task of navigating between fear and greed.  You probably think the purpose of the business is to be good stewards of your money: to make money in the good times and preserve it in the bad times.  While there is a bit of stewardship involved in money management, the ultimate goal of our business is to make money for ourselves, all the while convincing you that we are creating order out of financial and economic chaos. In fact, we have little or no control, and don’t know any more about the future than you do.  We ride the markets with the same set of fears and propensity for greed as you, but we’re highly rewarded for the effort.   As I sat in the meetings, my drawings tried to capture the losing struggle to bring order out of chaos.

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