Monday, October 31, 2016

Director Comey’s Letter: Trump supporters should be very afraid

Director Comey’s Letter:  Trump supporters should be very afraid

The letter from FBI Director Comey to Congress is an inadvertent preview into the modus operandi of a future Trump Administration, and it ought to chill his most ardent supporters.[1]  Obviously Donald Trump is using the letter as political ammunition to cast doubt on Secretary Clinton’s candidacy even though the letter doesn’t contain any evidence about the Secretary’s use of her email or the transmission of classified material.   However, Mr. Trump is doing more than stirring up political trouble.  He is also loudly endorsing the Director’s method of conducting an investigation.  As the Justice Department and many former prosecutors have made clear, Director Comey has violated the basic tenets of due process in making public an investigation at its formative stage.

Large portions of Mr. Trump’s supporters are vocal supporters of individual liberty and the constitution.  They are vehemently opposed to the unfettered exercise of federal government power.  Director Comey’s release of his letter to Congress is exactly the kind of federal action that should terrify his supporters.  Of course, they don’t mind when the Federal government overreaches against Secretary Clinton, immigrants, or minorities.  What they don’t realize is that President Trump would represent a major increase in the arbitrary application of centralized power.  It’s clear from Mr. Trump’s speeches and conduct during the campaign that he will use the FBI, Justice Department, Internal Revenue Service and other agencies without proper respect for due process or privacy.

If Mr. Trump is elected you can expect that Director Comey or his successor will be pressured by the President to routinely release preliminary investigative information.  The Attorney General will be expected to bring indictments against people that Mr. Trump believes are guilty.  And the IRS will regularly audit people who have a low opinion of Mr. Trump.  Since Mr. Trump has no loyalties except to himself, once elected, Mr. Trump will take aim at some of the people who are trying to elect him.

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