Monday, December 15, 2014

Apple Suggests I Repurchase

Apple Suggests I Repurchase

I was going to write about Wall Street’s blatant violation of the rules separating Wall Street research from investment banking, but then I had an annoying experience with customer service at Apple. We’ll get back to Wall Street tomorrow. 

In order to tell this story I am going to have to admit that I am still using an IPod classic 80 MB 6th Generation manufactured in 2006.  As I was synching my antique last week, ITunes informed me that 221 of the songs on my IPod were unauthorized.  These weren’t illegals downloads.  I’d paid for the music.  The problem was that I’d purchased them some time ago using a different email address from that associated with my Apple account.  There are well over 7,000 songs on my IPod, so you might think that losing 221 tracks wouldn’t bother me.  You’d be wrong.  The Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East is a key part of many of my workouts at the gym.  I wanted access to all of my music.

After wandering aimlessly through Apple’s help feature, I emailed Itunes Store Support.  They promise a response in 48-hours.  I heard back after 144 hours; Lara, Apple’s representative apologized for the delay.  As per usual in these situations, the respondent asked me to take the steps I’d already tried.  I’d already made sure the software was up-to-date (while they don’t sell the IPod classic, they seem to tweak the software every now and again) and tried to de-authorize and reauthorize my IPod.  I emailed Lara back for more help. Here was her best advice:

“The only way to have it back on your new account is by repurchasing it, but I guess this will be an inconvenience on your side.”

In other words, she was suggesting I needed to spend about $200 to put the same songs on the same IPod.  That did seem a touch inconvenient, and you can probably guess that I didn’t think much of her answer.  Instead of purchasing another copy of the Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East and all the other banished tracks, I scheduled a phone appointment with Apple Support. 

Just after noon yesterday, I got a call from Dan at Apple Support.  I explained the problem to Dan and within five minutes he’d guided through a series of steps that put the Allman Brothers back on my IPod.  Case closed. 

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