Thursday, September 13, 2012

Deals and Disenchantment

1.             Preparing Bad Actors (1997) 

Sale of a subsidiary – management rehearsal

I’m trying to prepare a team of money managers for the sale of their company, and it isn’t going well.  For the most part, money managers are in it for themselves, and can’t focus on the bigger picture.  As a result the rank and file are going to be sacrificed.

2.             Learn your Lines (1997) 

A second attempt at preparing the management team

The team members are learning their lines, but we’re running out of time as prospective buyers show up tomorrow.  Successful money managers are great actors; this group of thespians was off, off, Broadway players.

3.             Weaknesses Exposed (1997) 

Meeting with a potential buyer

The management team can’t give succinct answers to the questions, and I can’t intervene.  If we get a bid, it is going to be low, which, in deed, turns out to be the case.

4.             Gross Miscalculation (1997)

Organizational Restructuring, Again

I’m losing badly and my credibility will be shot when this plan is rolled out.  I’m going to resign in the hope that it might salvage the situation.  Turns out I’m dead wrong: my resignation is accepted, and I’m immediately ousted. 

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  1. Very cool stuff Andy - both the artwork and the business context